Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Layton Killebrew

Layton Killebrew was born yesterday afternoon - 7 pounds - 19 inches long - Congratulations Adam & Cindy - I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ashley's Baptism & Birthday Party


August 22nd Ashley Paige Kirchner turned 8 years old - in our church when someone turns 8 years old they are old enough to choose for themselves if they are ready to be baptised. Ashley met with the Bishop and choose to be baptiszed on September 5. My mom made the baptism dress for Rachel all of my girls will be able to wear this special dress that is all white. When you are baptised you wash away all of your past sins. After the baptism you are confirmed a member of our church. We were so happy to see so many family members be able to come to Houston for this special time. The Honshtein Family, Aunt Carieann and the boys, Aunt Kathy, Momo & Pappa, Johns sisters Aunt Patty, Aunt Paula & Aunt Barbara, & Aunt Cindy & Todd.

The Kirchner and Wall kids!

There were many family members that could not come and we really missed them but we understand that several people could not get away, Adam and Reagan were sick, and Uncle Todd had to work.

After the baptism we went to Mary Jo Peckham park for hot dogs and fun. Ashley wanted her party to be in purple and she wanted a musical note for a cake and so I worried for weeks on how to pull it off, in the end she loved it.

Thank-you, Thank-you, to all of our friends and family that came to the baptism and the party!

Girls Camp

I had the privilege of being able to be Girls Camp Director again this year - it is my absolute favorite calling in church! This was Kaitlyns first year and I really enjoyed being there with her - we had so much fun! The camp was in Conroe - it was a Girls Scout Camp and was beautiful - Rachel had the opportunity to hang out with the older girls and really was able to make some new friends. Our stake had some really great ideas that made camp even better than I have even seen. First - they had the 1st thru 3rd year girls sleep as a ward the 4th, 5th, and 6th year girls all slept with girls in their year groups. Then one night they had the Singing Tree which was where every ward choose a song and then sat as a ward in groups - each ward took a turn and turned on their flashlights, stood up and sang their song - it was really awesome! The last night was Bishop night - each ward had their Bishop come up to camp and we found a quiet place to sit and have Family Home Evening with the Bishop being in charge. After the lesson the girls were given the opportunity to bare their testimony - we had a total of 13 girls so it was sweet and personal, not too long and just perfect. We had a great week!

August 24th First Day of School

My baby is in Kindergarten - I will not cry (where other people can see me)
Ashley - is in 2nd grade
Kaitlyn - is in 7th grade
Rachel - IS A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL (I am Sooo old) Still not crying!

This is how our mornings work now - Rachel and I get up at 5am - she is at Seminary at 6am - I

make sure Kaitlyn is on the bus at 6:40 and run to pick up Rachel from Seminary at 6:50 - Drop her off behind the school at the athletics entrance so she can get ready for basketball practice at 7:30. John has to get Ashley and Rylee on the bus at 7:50 while I am on my way to work!

This is what my mornings will look like for the next 6 years then I get a small break before Ashley gets into High school!

(It was a foggy day so the pictures had some issues)

Where did the summer go?

I 'm not sure what happened to the summer - with me working full time again it just seemed to fly by! The girls went to the community pool at least 4 days a week, we went to Fort Worth for July 4th, we saw the circus and the girls stole the camera several times. I received some very funny pictures from the girls taking my camera but I also lost the pictures of them at the circus. I was very angry - for a while - but when you get pictures like the ones below - you don't stay mad for long!

Rylee's new hair style created by Julia Ortiz

Rylee showing everyone how to look so sweet Daddy will buy her a sno cone.

Ashley loves to Karaoke

Rylee and Julia painting at the kitchen table

There are more pictures that I can not post - Kaitlyn looking "sexy" - and then they found it funny to take pictures of Rachel when she was walking to her room in a towel. The girls found these very funny - Rachel did not!

Yikes - I haven't blogged about my new job!

I have several updates to blog so on this great Labor Day Monday - I plan to do some serious catching up! Reporting back from a blog sometime ago - I did get the job offer to work at the City of Rosenberg, I applied for Building Plans Examiner and received the job as Building Inspector. I am the primary inspector for the city if I am overloaded then I can get help from several different people. Currently we have several subdivisions under construction for residential and we have some nice sized commercial construction sites, then there is the typical remodels, additions and pools that are under construction as well. I really like my job the people I get to work with are great and I am having a lot of fun! At 5pm I get to go home and for the most part I dont have to worry about work! The funny part for me is to meet a new contractor on a job site - in Fort Worth for the most part everyone knew me or knew of me and I had gotten away from the "There is a girl inspector!" shock from the builders. But here in the small town outside of Houston, I get the response on a weekly basis.

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