Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lady Bug

I made this cake for a friend who is having a baby girl and we planned a baby shower at the office for her. I think I did ok - but I still have to work on my centering I tend to be a little crooked. Perfection might not ever be MY style... oh well!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be Strong & of a Good Courage

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This years Young Women & Young Men theme is truly inspired.

I am so privileged to work with the youth of our church. I was talking to the girls the other day and I realized that when I was a young women my leaders told us that we were chosen for this time, this dispensation. They taught us that we were chosen for this time due to our great strength, that the world in my day was going to be tough and we needed to rely on the Lord for help to make it back to him. Looking at these wonderful youth of today and at first I think - my time wasn't near as hard of a road as they have it. We didn't have cell phones, the Internet, facebook, text messaging, or any of these amazing gadgets that occupy our youths lives. All of a sudden I realize that I was born in my time, to help raise my youth of today that they can grow and learn to find their savior in a world that seems to go at warp speed. Which makes me realize that I need to be stronger and have more courage as well.

Parents - we need to realize that this years theme for the Young Women and Young Men is for US also - if the youth see us working on our Strength and Courage then it will make it easier for them to have Strength and Courage.

So I am making it my goal that I will work harder to read my scriptures, fast and pray, give service, and grow closer to the Lord - by doing these things I know that my Strength and Courage will be stronger and that the Lord will be with me withersoever I go.

Monday, January 18, 2010

15 years old

Rachel is 15! I have really enjoyed sitting back and watch this wonderful kid turning into an amazing teen. This year she has found her love for books - but only for vampire books - at the beginning of the year I would not allow her to read one without me reading it first - but I now know that even thought the books are about vampires - they are very age appropriate and I am glad to see her reading. She worked really hard on her basketball skills this year and she has improved - she really enjoys being on the basketball team. She has transitioned to high school with no problems. She has been very good at getting up early and attending Seminary. She enjoys babysitting and earning her own money. She is driving me crazy to be able to get her learners permit - I just can't seem to get it in my brain that she is old enough to drive and it scares me to death! I guess I will have to work on this fear and anxiety, because she is ready - watch out Houston - you might be seeing Rachel at the wheel and me with my hands over my eyes in the next few months!

Oh yes and for her birthday this year she finally got her braces off and she looks amazing! I will have to get her to smile for me soon so I can show off what my money has done for me lately! lol

Interview with the Bishop

Kailtyn recently did an interview with our Bishop - I think she did a great job with the questions she asked him - she felt like she learned a lot about him - you can read the interview at

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