Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have many post that I need to go back and work on such as Spring Break and Easter - I just haven't had much time lately!

I had been feeling really sick all the time, super tired, gaining weight even though I was working out, having more and more anxiety attacks, and just feeling like I've had a on going cold. I had no idea what was wrong - WAIT......

After re-reading what I'd typed I realized that had I read those symptoms on another friends blog - I would have to assume that I was pregnant - NO WAY! So get that idea right out of your head! Not Happening!

I finally decided that I had enough, and went to the doctor, the blood work came back and found that my thyroid is acting up - it is Hypo-active - and this starts to explain a lot of things. Like why am I working out and not seeing the results and why is it I fell asleep in the middle of sacrament last week!

Hopefully the medicines will take affect and I will be back to my normal hyper self very soon!

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