Monday, May 4, 2009

Mosquitoe Bites

Rylee asked me on Friday "Mom, WHY do mosquitoes bite me, I didn't do anything to them. I promise!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

If I had a secret in my basket

Ashley came home last night with a letter that she wrote - the topic was "if I had a secret in my basket" I will be typing exactly what she wrote and how she spelled everything.

If I had a secret I would have a cake in it. I would have a laptop. their cool. Fried rice and soy sauce it's yummy. Also a blanket that I can lay on. I'll have a bracelet and a necklace because they're pretty. Also whipped cream yum I love whipped cream! Waffles and syrup are yummy too. Also pizza is my favorite! Bananas are good too. oh Milk is my favorite too! My sister like's strawbemes her name is Rylee. one of my neighbors call her oh oh oh Rylee! I'll want a puppy and a kitten. Also o paper and a pencil to draw pictures of my puppy and kitten because they're cute. oh also I like chickn too. My dad likes milk too. and spaghetti I love spaghetti is my favorite. Oh brownies. I love brownies.

I'm getting the idea that she loves food!

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