Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've been blessed

A couple of weeks ago I went to Fort Worth all by myself for 2 days. It was Fort Bend County Day at work and all city employees got the day off on a Friday. Friday morning I was off to Fort Worth. It was so much fun! First Stop - Adam and Cindy's house to visit the newest addition to our family - Layton Killebrew - I LOVE babies but he is the cuties thing I have ever seen! I held him almost all day and then it was off to my moms house.

My dad was on a scouting trip so Mom and I had the house to ourselves which never happens. We decided to spend Sat morning working on floral decorations for her house.

After working on the floral decorations we hopped into my car and ran some errands for her. I had no idea that when we got to SAMS her plan was to stock up on groceries that were none perishables for my family. I don't like to talk much about the trials in our life, so I know I haven't mentioned that John lost his job a little of 4 weeks ago and he is struggling to find a new one. There isn't even applications to fill out or interviews to go on - there is just nothing out there right now. It was the neatest thing she could do - I was overwhelmed with joy - I couldn't wait for the girls to see all the great stuff she got us!

Then after shopping we went back to her house to change clothes and get ready for the Womens General Broadcast. Before we got to the church we went to dinner with Cindys mom and her little sister Michelle, and Kat my little sister.

Cindy and baby Layton

Kat & baby Layton

After the conference I started for home because the next day on fast Sunday it was to be announced that I would be then new Young Womens President.

I am so excited to be our wards Young Womens President. I have been praying daily that I can do a good job and serve these great Young Women well. I hope I can be as good as the leaders that taught me because they were amazing. I love the Young Womens program, I know that these girls truly daughters of our heavenly father and he loves them so very much. I know that these times are hard and that these girls have been chosen to come at this time because of their strength. My heart is full of happiness and love I do not know how to even try to explain.

I have truly been blessed lately!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Rain Gear for Work

ALL I wanted was a rain jacket for work, so I made a production out of how much I needed one at work. I mean really, I'm outside 6 hours a day for work and we are in HOUSTON, for crying out loud. So I got my wish. Only, not really, the only approved store was the Tractor Supply Store. They didn't have anything except MEN's gear - and the only colors were yellow, ugly green, or lime green and they all came with pants! I took a deep breath and bought the yellow rain gear. When I got back to the office and showed off what I had bought - everyone began to laugh. Rose (our awesome code enforcement officer) insisted that I try the whole outfit on and then she pulled out the camera! Needless to say I will not be asking for anything for a very long time!

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