Monday, February 23, 2009

The latest cake design...

I am still learning! (lol)

Kaitlyn cross stitches

Kaitlyn finished a cross stitch project she started for her "momo" she did a great job! She really can do anything she puts her head too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My silly girls...just a quick update

Rylee has been mimicking everything I say in a very cute and silly way. She knows how to make life lots of fun! Rachel is getting ready for her first dance this coming Saturday - more info to come soon. Ashley has finished her first chapter book "Judy B. Jones is a Party Animal" and Kaitlyn has taken up cycling class at the gym and loves it. I have taken 2 of the 1st series of the Wilton Cake Decorating Class - which is a lot of fun and I am learning so much.

Sunday Dresses

Ashley and Rylee love to go thru their older sisters clothes - this weekend the discovered that some of the dresses that Momo (my mother) made for Rachel and Kaitlyn now fit them. They were so excited - Rylee said that she felt like a princess and Ashley was excited to wear a Valentines Dress! Its great to see these wonderful dresses get to be worn again - everyone at church loved them - WAY TO GO MOMO! Your Awesome!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We love Musicals

John and I both love musicals... Mayde Creek High School put on "Beauty & the Beast" we were excited for weeks before we were to go. The girls were invited to eat "Brunch" with the cast with our neighbor Missy - WoW - was that the best thing ever. Rylee dressed up as Belle and the girls took yellow roses to give to her and several other cast members. They were able to get pictures with the cast, walk on stage and look around - Gaston put Rylee on his shoulders - Belle was gracious and sweet - Miss Potts and Chipp were so cute - the girls were pumped - so excited about seeing the musical that evening. I was so impressed with this goup of high school students they did a great performance and we loved it! Our neighbors girls Jesse and Caitlin were in the musical and the girls tried to yell when they saw them - I had to remind them that they had to be very quite - but it was oooh so hard! Thanks Missy, Julia and Izzy for making this experience great!

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