Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rachel Ready for Her Christmas Concert

Kaitlyn turns 12

As Christmas Approaches

This picture of Ashley sums up how I feel right now! She feel asleep at Rachel's Choir Concert (Great Job Mayde Creek JR High Girls Choir). The past two weeks has been filled with so much going on (just a sample) from 3 separate (each girl decided to get sick at separate times of course) trips to the doctor, several birthdays, choir rehearsal, orchestra rehearsal, choir concert, orchestra recital, dance recital, Christmas shopping, cleaning house, paying bills, work, sick kids,omework, cleaning house, wrapping presents, and chasing kids around the house.
DEAR SANTA - this year I would love a nap for Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Can't make her smile

If Rylee doesn't want to smile - NO one is going to get this 5 yr old to smile! My mom bought the dress for her birthday - even without a smile - she is cute! Thanks momo! The dress is gorgous!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I just wanted to let eveyone know that we have SNOW this evening. Rylee let me know that "it is ok to have Christmas now that it is snowing - but wait - dad isnt home...(with a huge sigh) sorry mom... not Christmas yet"

I love 5 year olds!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Dance Recital

Rylee has had a huge case of stage fright recently... so we were not sure if she would make it on stage. Right before they were to go on stage she had a extra strength grip on my leg. Her instructor reminded her that she would get a medal when she was done. That did it - she let go of my leg walked on to the stage and had her eyes stuck to the instructor the whole time. Wow I am so proud of her! If you aren't sure which one she is - she is in the middle on the right hand side.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pre-Christmas Depression

Almost every year I go thru - Pre-Christmas Depression:
I worry about money,
if I can get all the gifts the girls really want without going over board,
I worry I won't help enough people during this season.
Its funny because my mom worries about the same things every year also,
when I was a kid we didnt have money for christmas
my parents had to be very creative
and at times they also received help from secret santas.
Every year was perfect, every year we (the kids, all 6 of us) loved our gifts
and knew that our parents loved us
and worked hard to give us what they could.
Soooo...... why is it I worry????
I don't know maybe its a mom thing?
I wish I knew who those secret santas were all those years ago.
I would give them a huge hug & tell them how wonderful they were to us.

Dinner with the Kirchners

Friday after Thanksgiving we visited with Johns sisters, the girls had a great time!


I can't tell you how much we missed our family - last year was the first (hopefully only) year that we missed the holidays with all of our family in Fort Worth. First we visited with the Killebrews - momo and papas house is always fun and full of great food - we spent a little time with the Wall boys - wow - have they grown - I tend to forget the camera - but I got a few pictures of the kids playing.


The girls have reminded me that we do have one more addition to our family - I should never have forgotten striper - striper is our frog - he has been with us for several years - he lives in an aquarium that is full of green plants and a small waterfall - he eats on crickets and loves to hide from us - he has hidden for up to 3 months before - we love you striper!

Before Hurricane Ike

Friday Night and Hurricane Ike was due within hours - I guess it made everyone a little anxious, ALL of our neighbors and family were outside hanging out. You can see that the wind was blowing Rylee's hair. Thank-you Katelyn (our neighbors daughter) for taking such a great picture! Katelyn named this picture "Icy Eyes"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rylee Michelle Kirchner

My best friend Denice is a wonderful photographer - she took and edited this photo
"Blue Eyes"


Welcome to my family blog! I want to start by saying "Thanks to Cindy Killebrew for showing me the ropes on this blogging thing I am just starting" now if you don't know we have 6 people in our family - 1st is John he is the only male in the house pour guy! Then there is Rachel she is 13 going on 14, Kaitlyn is 11 going on 12, Ashley is 7 and Rylee is 5, we have 2 cats Hanna & Abby and that's enough! Oh yeah - there is me your narrator I'm Michelle! Keep checking back I will be working hard on this - my new project!

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