Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calling for all Cake Critics

My mom realized that I really wanted to learn to decorate cakes, so for Christmas I got everything I needed to begin. So this weekend I made a 3 tier whimsical cake - of course the critics in my house (my girls) were very pleased - they loved it! I'm thinking there is still lots for me to learn. Rylee said that its ok to keep practicing (she loves cake!). To my suprise - today in church I learned that there will be a cake decorating contest on Jan 30... so any advice will be appreciated!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is Rachel's 14th Birthday - she is my oldest daughter and I am so proud of her! She has many great attributes; she is seriously organized, she helps me keep organized, she is a great friend, she is very good at babysitting, and helping around the house. She loves bright colors like orange and green, she loves to straighten her hair (even though I love her natural wave to her hair), she loves twilight series and the tv show survivor. I love you Rachel! Thanks for letting me be your mom!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adventures in Austin

How much fun can the kids have digging a hole?

Believe it or not - a whole days worth! By the time they were done the day was over and the sand was all over them - We also learned all about GEO CACHING - if you've never heard of this great treasure hunting with GPS - look up - we went on a 3 part treasure hunt - it took a couple hours over 2 days, 8 girls one little boy and lots of turning over rocks! We went up hills, down hills, we found deer, cactus and some kind of hatched eggs! It was so much fun - we plan on continuing our aventures Caching many more times! Thanks goes out to "Lost your Marbles yet" she did an awesome job with the clues.

New Years in Austin

For New Years the girls and I went to visit the Lanham/Hatch family. We haven't been able to see them in a long time and really missed them. The girls had a great time playing fashion show with Savannah helping them with thier nails, make-up and clothes - aren't they cute, I think Ashley could be mistaken for Paris Hilton in the sunglasses!

Christmas in Fort Worth

We had so much fun in Fort Worth during the Christmas Holiday's

We got to visit lots of friends - 1st up was the Honshtein Family - we made and decorated gingerbread cookies! Picture above is Rylee and Amanda.

Rylee trys to decide which sprinkles to place on her cookies!

Ashley stops painting with frosting to pose for me!

Sarah and Ashley together again!

The great Cookies!

Noah (wearing his black frosting on his lips) Breanna and Rachel talk about Twilight and Look up pictures on the computer.

Rylee and Amanda

We had Christmas at Momo and Papa Killebrew's house it was wonderful - Above is a picture of Kaitlyn, Rylee, and Ashley playing with the instruments that Rylee got from Santa.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Todd came to visit from Utah - the girls had a great time getting to know Uncle Todd - Rylee thinks he is the best!

Rachel and Aunt Kathy spent lots of time reading Twilight!

Rylee loves visiting Momo's house - Thanks for putting up with us!

After Christmas we were able to visit John's side of the family; the kirchner, de wolf, and the zumbrennen families. We hadn't gotten to see many of them for a long time, we didn't get to visit long enough but it was nice to see them all! We missed Aunt Kay :(

We were able to go and visit several friends during the time we were in Fort Worth - not everyone we would have liked to but it was nice to be able to say "hi" to friends we miss.

Over all it was a very nice Christmas we were very sad to say goodbye - I think the girls could have stayed at Momo's for a very long time.

Geo Caching