Monday, May 17, 2010


This past Saturday we had our first ever Crossfit Games!

More thanks than I can ever give goes out to my Crossfit Friends! Jen & Patrick have inspired me, they have given me access to their knowledge and their garage, they both give me great insight and motivation and they teach me correct technique. Elizabeth gives me someone to see how awesome I will look in the very near future - she is always a few steps in front of me - which keeps me going and she always me to complain about the pain! Dallas has been an amazing workout partner - she is strong and steady and is always ready to workout with me. My girls never complain when I need to workout and they always cheer me on! Without these wonderful people I would not have been able to do as good as I did at the games - and so my results:

Event 1:

Rules: Perform each area as many times as you can in 2 minutes - keep count of total reps - when the time keeper say 2 minutes switch to next exercise - each exercise will be done twice!

Wall Ball

Step ups - with 15pd hand weights

Sit ups

Push press - 15pd hand weights

Snatches - 27.5pd bar

Round 1 - 172 reps

Round 2 - 152 reps

Event 2:

Max Bench Press: 85pds

Max Dead Lifts: 185pds

Event 3:

Team event

Thank-you to Jen & Patrick for putting on these games and showing me how very much I have improved - I can't wait to show even more improvement next time!

I need to add here that Elizabeth and I also ran our first 5k together a couple of weeks ago and my time was right around 41 minutes - I am recording these times to see how much better I get in the next 3 months!

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