Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This past month

Has FLOWN by sooo fast - with so much going on and no time to sit down and blog.. so here goes! Mothers Day was AWESOME! The girls brought home beautiful flowers I also got singing cards that were so cute, Rylees card sang "put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up" as soon as the card started to sing Rylee broke out in a dance that made me laugh so hard, which just made her dance even more.

For the life of me I can't remember the exact date but one night this past month - we woke up to major storms and flooding. In the morning we found that we could not get out of our driveway due to flooding and the schools closed. The schools stayed closed for 2 days and we got to stay home and play. Rylee, Kaitlyn and I decided to take a walk to the park, when we got there we realized that the park was flooded. I started to tell them that they couldn't get into the water - I took a call on my cell and of course they pretended to not here me - so I went with the flow and took some cute pictures of them playing the water.

For Memorial Day weekend we ran to Fort Worth, we had so many friends and family that we wanted to see, but the weekend went so fast and we didn't get to see very many people at all. I am so sorry to all of our friends and family that we missed, we love you all and we will be back again very soon and make sure to see everyone!

First was Todd Killebrews 5yr old Birthday and we had a great party in the pool for him!

Rylee eating a strawberry Todd & Momo
Kaitlyn Rachel

Ashley eating watermelon Mario & Reagan (Shes SOO Cute)

I was telling my mom about how much Rylee was begging to go to a farm and Milk a Cow - for the past few months she won't leave me alone about the idea. My mom is so smart and she suprised the girls with a visit to a wonderful couple in her ward who has 4 week old baby goats and 2 mommy goats. We all got to feed the babys and to milk the mommys. We all fell in love the baby goats they were so cute! I can't forget the Llama! Ashley didn't want anything to do with the mommy goats until we all had a turn milking and she realized that they wouldn't hurt her. Rylee now wants a goat! She was an amazing little helper! The couple was so sweet and patient with all of our questions, they had an amazing place, the girls learned so much and they are so artistic and fun we could have stayed there for a very long time. I can't remember their names - but THANK-YOU so much to both of them and Momo - this was a weekend we won't forget!

I also received several gifts for my birthday, from my mom I received a skirt and 2 shirts for Sunday, and 8 brand new white bath towels that she added a ribbon that said "it all comes out in the wash". It meant a lot to me because that was my saying - I had it in the big house in Keller in the laundry room in orange letters above the door. It all comes out in the wash - I just love that saying it makes me realize that mistakes happen and can be forgiven - I just love it! Then Cindy Killebrew gave me a new kitchen apron - it was purple with cupcakes on it - she made it herself - it made me cry - that she took the time to make me something for my birthday and she didn't even have to remember it. She is an amazing person - I love her very much! We don't have much money right now things are really tight so my birthday gifts meant a LOT to me!

The day after Memorial day was my birthday and I was off to my first day at my new job! I am now working for the City of Rosenberg, so far so good, but I will talk about that later. I received a birthday card from them! When I got home I received a card from the primary presidency and then both of my visiting teachers came by with a card and a sweet gift - I was already in my PJ's and very tired from a long day but it was sweet that they came by on my birthday. Over all it was a great birthday - I like to pretend that I don't like birthdays anymore - I mean now that I am OLD - who wants to keep getting older - but deep down - I really do like my birthday.

The next day at work Kaitlyn called me from home. "Mom, someone is MOWING our Lawn" so I asked her "who is it" - "I think, someone from church" - I was shocked but thought OK - so I told her "see if he needs any water" - that weekend when John got home I asked him about it. He didn't ask anyone to mow the lawn, as we began to ask the girls more questions about the mysterious lawn mower, we discovered that we TRULY have the WORLDS GREATEST Home Teacher - We Love You Brother Hunt!

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