Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Denice Honshtein - Noel Photography

Sarah, Ashley, Rylee & Amanda

These were taken by a dear friend of my Denice Honshtein - she brought her girls to play and gave my girls matching swim suits - these were taken last year - I love the friend ships of the youth it is easy going and full of love!

Family Addition

Welcome Emily Kate Wall -Born 5/24/2011 @ 6:01am - weighing in at 6.11 pounds

Its been a LONG time......

It has been almost a whole year since I last blogged - lots of reasons - worries, concerns, moving, sickness, and new job. I am going to try to update more often and show the girls growing - I love them so much and am so proud to be their mom. I will be back soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I hope my girls remember that no matter how much they fight that they are SISTERS!

A sister may fight with you - but a sister will always stand with you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Youth Conference 2010

Hannah Nerdin, Rachel Kirchner, Brenna Adelman

Quincy Adelman & Rachel

Room mates!

Michael Harolds, Jordan Abarca, Quincy Adelman, Irene Sanchez, Simon Jiron, John Guevara, Rachel Kirchner, Parker Phillips & Hannah Nerdin

Austin Phillips, Quincy, John, Parker, Nick, Michael, Jordan, Brenna, Hannah, Rachel & Issac Bancroft
These are just a few of my wonderful youth! I love all of the youth in our ward - they are amazing friends and they take care of each other! Youth Conference - Katy Texas Stake - 2010 - Galveston A&M was a great experience for everyone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Straight or Curly

I say curly - Rachel says straight!

For the longest time Rachel would straighten her hair everyday! I would beg her to please leave it curly - but moms just do not know anything! Before the first day of school this year, I talked her into leaving it curly for one day of high school and see what happens..... and what happened was - everyone loved it curly! So, for the most part she wears it curly everyday now - she still straightens it on some days - I have to be very honest - I am so very jealous - I always wanted hair like hers! I must have wished for it so much my first born got it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Freshman year of basketball

Rachel's first year in high school was a lot of fun! She went to Mayde Creek High School and she played for the freshman team basketball - this meant a lot of practices, drills and running. She loved every minute of it and made many friends on the team. The whole family enjoyed going to her games, this summer we will be focusing on conditioning and drills to prepare her for next year!

Her team took time out to go to the Rockets game - they had a blast!

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